Show Table Rules

Competitive judging classes include:

Large-Flowered Cattleya         Small-Flowered Cattleya              
Phalaenopsis                              Dendrobium    
Vandaceous                                Species Phragmipedium                        Miniature                   
Oncidium                                    Miscellaneous
Paphiopedilum                          Fragrance           
      Non-Competitive class includes:
Recently purchased plants,
Plants that were awarded a 1st or 2nd place ribbon in the prior month,
Non-member plants,
Plants for educational purposes, etc.

Miniatures have a mature plant height of less than 6".

Small-flowered Cattleyas have a natural flower spread of less than 3”.

All classes such as “Oncidium” refer to the alliance, not genus.  If you are uncertain as to which alliance your orchid belongs, please ask.

Plants shown in competitive classes must be in the exhibitor’s possession for at least 6 months.

To increase the knowledge of others, winners may be asked to speak briefly about their orchids.

Please enter only healthy orchids.  Plants that appear diseased or infected will be removed to protect others.

 Members will place their orchids in the appropriate class.  If a plant is eligible for several classes, the owner chooses which class they wish to compete. Plants entered in an inappropriate class will be moved.

The show table committee may rearrange orchids into different classes if there are more than 10 entries. 

The exhibitor is responsible for legibly filling out the entry form to accompany each orchid.  Blank forms are found on the show table.

Members who enter mounted or top-heavy orchids are asked to provide some means of support.

Exhibitors may enter as many orchids as they wish on the show table.

Show table entries close when the judging begins.

Awarding points:
  • 5 points will be awarded to each exhibitor for entering, regardless of the number of plants entered.
  • 1st place winners of each class will be awarded 5 points and 2nd place winners receive 3 points. In the event of a tie, both plants receive the points.
  • 5 additional points will be awarded to each Best Species & Best Hybrid winner.
  • 5 points will be added each time a member contributes to the SOS exhibit at an Away Show or the SOS Show.  Additional points will be awarded to plants receiving ribbons as above.

The Show Table Chairperson will keep a running tally of points awarded to each exhibitor, which are used to decide the winners of Best Indoor and Best Greenhouse growers at the end of the year.  These two winners are awarded a waiver of dues for the following year.

You can learn about all kinds of orchids from our knowledgable speakers and from helpful members. There are even opportunities to take Orchid Walks to discover native orchids growing right here in Central Pennsylvania.